UK VPN Frequently Asked Questions

Will VPN slow down my system or internet connection?
This generally depends on routing from your ISP to our VPN server but in most cases you will not notice any significant slowness in your internet connection once connected to the secure VPN service.

What Operating Systems are supported?
VPN will work successfully with the following operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, iTouch, Windows mobile OS. Any operating system that supports VPN using the pptp protocol should work without issue.

What is the difference between a Proxy and VPN?
Whilst both of these technologies reroute your computers network internet connection and change your IP address they do work in slightly different ways and the products co-exist as customer compatibility with either or both may vary based on firewall security and/or ISP provisions.

Think of a proxy server as a kind of filter, in simple terms the proxy settings are applied to your chosen internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc).  Then when browsing web pages they are routed to you via the proxy with all the benefits associated with the proxy server (i.e. security, speed, geographic location etc).

Unlike a proxy, which only secures the internet browser or software application with the proxy data entered into it, VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypted tunnelling encrypts all your internet access, effectively replacing your local ISP routing 100% for all applications with all the benefits associated with the VPN server (i.e. security, speed, geographic location etc).  VPN can easily be connected or disconnected with a click on a desktop icon.

In conclusion a proxy is purely browser based and has less compatibility with certain websites that use non-browser technology (i.e. Zattoo, View TV, 4OD, Sky Player, FOX OD etc); whereas VPN will work with all internet based services but offers less choice on which applications you route through the external server; as with VPN everything is routed whilst you are connected to it.

Can I use the UK VPN Server for media streaming?
roviding that your local internet service provider (ISP) provides you with sufficient speed to be able to watch or listen to streaming media such as video and audio then there is no technical reason why this cannot be done with our services.  Please visit to test your current internet connection speed, we recommend a minimum of 512kbps for video streaming.

Can I use file sharing networks?
Sorry but no, we restrict access to P2P networks.

Can I access UK betting and gambling websites?
Yes absolutely, our products have been tested with various UK Betting and Gambling websites.

Can I have a FREE TRIAL to test out the service?
Yes absolutely, all users can have a one-time trial with no obligation to purchase.

Is it possible to connect a PS3 to your VPN?

Yes,  you can either connect your PS3 to a PC  and use Windows connection sharing to share your PPTP/ IPsec VPN connection.

Another option is to purchase a Draytek Vigor router, or a router which supports DDWRT.  You can configure the router  to dial out via the VPN, so all your LAN connections access the internet via our VPN.

Our support staff cannot support either option but they will work.

What is the difference between Regular and Open VPN

We provide 2 types of "Regular VPN",  both of these are setup within your computers operating system with no additional software needed:

PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)

PPTP is the easiest of the two to setup, it requires less configuration.  PPTP does not provide any data encryption. It will change your IP address and achieve internet privacy but if your looking for a data encryption VPN we suggest setting up one of the below forms of VPN


This is PPTPs successor, L2TP/IPsec requires a shared key in order to encrypt your internet traffic.  The setup is the same as PPTP however there are a few extra steps involved in setting up the shared key.


OpenVPN is a free and open source (VPN) program for creating encrypted connections.  We provide users 2 setup options, an automatic installer and a manual setup. Both require you to download a piece of software from our helpdesk.  We recommend that you try our automatic installation first if you are a 32bit Windows or Mac O/S user.  If you are a Windows 64bit user you will need to proceed with a manual setup.  In most cases Windows 64bit users are advised to setup either PPTP or IPsec as this may will be easier for you.