Take Control of your websites with our advanced CMS management tool

Module Features

Multi Menus - Adds support for multi layered menus for complex websites with information tiered in categories and sub sections.

News - Adds module to allow you to publish news to the site or grab a twitter feed and publish as news.

Banner Slideshows - Add as many slideshows to your webpage as your imagination allows.  You can adds captioning, fade/slide/reel effects and each image that zips across the screen can have links on them for your users to click.  This module is iPhone friendly

Form to Email - Advanced form to email with image captcha to prevent spamming allows your users to talk to you via the website.

Live Support - Designed to allow realtime interaction between a user of your website and a support operator logged in in your office

Gallery - Add dynamic galleries to your webpage with dynamic loading effects that will engage your customers.  This module is iPhone friendly.

Guestbook - Both moderated and unmoderated guestbooks available

Forum - Basic integration with phpBB

Search Engine Friendly Links - Convert hard to remember links on your site into easy to remember anchors.

Google Maps - Let customers dynamically find their way to your business premises with Google Maps embedded on your website.

Google SiteMap - Obtain better search engine rankings with a proven technology that Google prefer to use.

Custom 404 Errors - Stumble upon a page that isn't there - why not give your users more than a bland "page cannot be found message".  why not market your company?

Basic E-Commerce - Allow customers to add products to a basket, search them, link them together and proceed to an online payment method.  Additional customisation is also available for example if you wanted to sell trophies online you might want to offer engraving - the possibiliies are endless

Brochureware - An e-commerce module without the ability to buy online but with the same benefits of product searchs, product categories and linking products together,

Login Systems - Allow customers or users to view pages only when logged for promotions or a company intranet

Take Control of your World

Take Control in action

Take Control is own custom developed content management system (CMS).

It features easy to use inline editors similar to Microsoft Word for realtime updates to your site when developed by us.  It features more than a simply Word editor, but you can resize, crop and add advanced photo effects such as a bevel to your images after you've uploaded them saving you time and money figuring out complex photo editing software such as Adobe Photo effects.

You don't need to be a web guru to use Take Control as we've made everything easy to use, easy to understand and easy to find in just a few a few simple clicks.

We offer training for organisations who may want to train their staff

Why not Take Control of your website today?

New Design
Annual Fee
- -
Set-up Fee (template)
£320* £500*
Multi Menus
+£60 +£60
+£60 +£60
Slideshow Banners
+£120 +£120
Form to email
+£60 +£60
+£120 +£120
+£60 +£60
+£180 +£180
Newsletter Address Import
+£60 +£60
Wordpress Blog
+£120 +£120
Facebook Integration
+£120 +£120
SEO Friendly URLs
+£180 +£180
Google Maps
+£60 +£60
Google SiteMap Creation
+£60 +£60
SiteMap Auto Update
+£30 +£30
Custom 404 Errors
+£60 +£60
E-Commerce Module
+£600 +£600
Login System
+£450 +£450
+£300 +£300
Monthly Maintenance
+£180 +£180
Quarterly Maintenance
+£80 +£80
+£180 +£180

* Required base module