domains of the world

What are they?


Gives your business a memorable web presence or URL that you can use to market online and off.

Professionalizes your image  - You can separate yourself from the competition with this one simple strategy.

Protect your brand - Secure it now! and you can own that unique domain name for LIFE!

Get Listed In Search Engines - even your affiliates and competitors could end up there!

Shortens Lonnnngggg Ugly affiliate links that r~u~n a~w~a~y your prospects.


Advanced DNS - We provide DNS that allows you configure advanced records like SPF/DomainKeys and Exchange autodiscovery SRV records

Network resilency - We provide DNS and mail services (MX) on a fault resilient multi homed network which means if you will never lose an email in the unlikely event of an outage

Automatic email - Most hosts provide email forwarding, but we go one step further and give you 5 POP3 accounts that you can use with your favourite email client on your computer

Anti-spam - All domains are supplied with a basic spam surface that will eliminate 80% of the junk most providers allow to filter down to their clients

Anti-virus - We automatically scan all your email before you collect to ensure what you open is safe and won't harm your computer or leak personal information on to the Internet

Out of Office - If you're not available to answer an email straight away, let your client base know to expect a reply later on in the day or advise them to talk to another work colleague 

Webmail - Check your email 24x7x365 no matter where you are in the world from any web browser.  Our webmail has fully featured calendars, to-do lists, notes as well as giving you access to your email

MX backup - For customers that have Microsoft Exchange, MailEnable or MDaemon we provide an SMTP hold and push service which can automatically queue mail should you suffer connectivity lose or your server is unavailable for whatever reason. 

A domain name is the internet address users type in to find your company or organisation’s website – for example, or

Choosing a name

You can use your existing company name or choose a name that reflects or describes what your organisation does in terms of products and services. The latter option might include keywords – the words or phrases users type into search engines to find relevant websites. 

Which ever route you chose, keep your domain name short, simple and memorable. Be individual and creative. But don’t make it too long or too complicated as it may get forgotten or misspelt when typed into a web browser., or

Many types of domain names are now available but for small businesses, the key ones are .com and All domain names end in a “top level domain” – the letters after the final dot. These include:

  • .com - One of the very first Top-Level Domains (TLD) established in January 1985, .com has since become the largest TLD, accounting for just under half of the 174 million domain names currently registered. This TLD means "commercial" to the vast majority of Internet users and is the de-facto standard when people are looking for a business Internet address.  Anyone can registered a .com
  • if your market/target audience is primarily in the UK - There are no registration restrictions on's
  • .ie if your target market is primarily in Ireland - This is a country specific domain and is subject to certain qualification criteria.
  • .org for charities and not for profit organisations
  • .biz short for business
  • .net short for NETwork
  • for UK public limited companies
  • .info for information sites
  • .mobi for mobile sites
  • .eu for business that want to embrace the European market.  This domain is subject to a person or business having residence in the European Union.

Country code top-level domains such as .uk for the UK, .us for the United States, or .fr for France are the ones to go for if your target audience is country based.

Sounds like?

If your company is referred to by many names or is commonly mis-spelt then you should think about registering additional names so that you never loose a customer out of frustration.   If you were the mississippi Jazz Company and you wanted with so many double s' and double z' you would be forgiven for not getting the spelling right if you had read an advertisement from a billboard when passing through New Orleans.  There are no limits on how many additional domains you need to register and we can offer up to 50% discount on multiple purchases.

Is it available?

With tens of millions of names now registered worldwide, check your chosen domain name is not already in use or trademarked by someone else. In the UK, all .uk domain names are kept on a register held by Nominet.   Check out our whois to tell you if it's available.

Registering your domain name

Most companies offer free website forwarding and basic DNS. This allows you to forward mail from your domain to an existing email account.  This is the small print of other providers made bigger.  Without email on your domain or hosting/webspace on your domain you have bought a car effectively without an engine.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on which sort of domain you choose and how long you register the name for.  

 Type  Annual Fee

com / org / info / mobi / biz / net / cn / co

 £20 / / /





£60 /

£60 /